Welcome to Walden Woods

village in the south of Norway

Our Project

We love nature, people and Friluftsliv. Those three ingredients are the heart of our project:

Walden, a life in the Norwegian woods.

We will create a village where people can live, work and have fun together. Where people have their privacy and where they can make their own choices, with respect for nature and each other. A place where both nature and people can flourish!

Hope to see you there! Greetings, Karl & Lisette

Number of 1000 sqm plots sold: 34

Still plots available!


Reserve a plot in Walden Woods

Would you like to invest in a piece of land in Norway? You can use the plot as a long or short term investment, or for recreational use. We sell 1000 sqm plots with lots of nature around you!

What is Walden Woods?

Walden Woods is a company that takes care of the basic facilities and the Walden Woods areas in the village.

Walden Woods brings people together, provides services to customers and provides a membership program. 

Basic facilities

  • roads, hiking and biking trails
  • indoor & outdoor meeting place
  • playground for children and adults 

We need you!

Walden Woods can only become a village, when more people will join us. You can buy a plot and live here. You can also set up your own company inside Walden Woods and offer your services to our members and customers. On a temporary or permanent base, just what fits you!

Membership program

If you want to be involved more than just occasionally dropping by and enjoying our services, you can subscribe as a member. There are different types of membership. 

Walden, or, Life in the Woods

We are inspired by this book written by Henry David Thoreau

Walden Woods areas

  • the forest
  • the lake
  • recreational plot area
  • residential plot area

Food Production

We like organic and locally produced food. Walden Woods has 5 hectares of farmland and is looking for people who want to help us growing vegetables and setting up a food forest. Please send us an email if you are interested to join. 


When people do what they are passionate about, the sky is the limit. We believe our values provide the right conditions for people to develop their talents and flourish.


Feel the fresh air.

Services to customers

  • recreational use of the playground, hiking and biking trails
  • workshops on different topics like crafts, nature, science, crypto currencies
  • local products like handicraft products and locally grown organic fruit and vegetables
  • campsite


A place to meet and share.