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Recreational member

Become a recreational member by reserving a plot. You will have access to our facilities and you are welcome to stay at our village. 

By reserving a plot you will become the owner of a piece of land in our Norwegian village. You can use the plot as a long or short term investment, or for recreational use. 

We have only a limited number of plots available this year!

What do you pay:   € 9250 (you can also pay in NOK or Bitcoin)*

What do you get:     reservation of 1000 sqm of land for recreational use

*The price of the reservation of a plot of 1000 sqm is € 9250. This is half of the total price. Within approximately 2 years, when the plot will be assigned to you, you pay the other half of the price. As a recreational member you have the option to pay the complete amount at once and get a discount of € 1500: you will pay only € 17000.

Besides the costs for the plot there is an annual membership fee. Please contact us for more information.

Reserve a plot in Walden Woods

You will become a recreational member when you reserve a plot. 

On this page you find information about:

  1. What does the plot look like
  2. What does the terrain look like and how will it be developed
  3. What facilities will we provide for the plot
  4. What facilities do you have to provide yourself
  5. What can you expect after buying the plot
  6. What do we expect from you
  7. How can you apply for plot reservation

1. What does the plot look like 

The plot is a piece of 1000 sqm. It is not cultivated, it is pure nature. It is a rocky terrain with mainly forest and grass. Some plots will be placed next to each other, other plots will be surrounded by nature, it depends on your preferences.

2. What does the terrain look like and how will it be developed

The terrain is rocky and consists mainly of forest and open fields, see picture below. There is a lake with a surface of 1.6 hectare. The highest hill on the terrain is just below 400 meters, the lowest part is at 325 meters. The terrain is one hour driving land inwards from Kristiansand. There is an old traditional wooden house with basic facilities and there is an old shed. 

Within the next three years we will develop hiking and biking trails, an indoor- and outdoor meeting place, a playground, a campsite, a recreational plot area and a residential plot area. However, the main part of the terrain will stay nature. After the first three years we will make a new plan for adding or improving facilities using the input of our members.

In the summer of 2022 we already want to finish an outdoor meeting place and the first part of the playground to facilitate easy meet and play. 

3. What facilities will we provide for the plot

The short answer is: nothing. But that's not completely true :) 
We will build gravel roads to the plots. We provide facilities like the playground, an outdoor- and indoor meeting place and a campsite. Also we provide rental cabins where you can stay for a modest price while you are building your own cabin.

4. What facilities do you have to provide yourself

In Norway it is quite common to have a cabin in the mountains, so there are several solutions for sewage, electricity and drinking water. The founding members that want to build a cabin, can work together on finding solutions. You are also free to implement your own solutions, as long as you take others and the environment in consideration. Walden Woods will also offer solutions.

5. What can you expect after buying the plot

There are several options:

  • you have the plot as an investment, you don't need to do anything. You are welcome to visit us, but you can also follow our updates from your lazy chair. Within 2-3 years you receive a message that the plot can officially be  assigned to your name. 
  • you want to use the plot for recreation. It's up to you how and when you will get your plot ready. And it's up to you if you like to have contact with other members. Walden Woods will facilitate easy contact and easy collaboration if you wish. 
  • you sell the plot. You can do this at any time. The only condition is that the buyer agrees on our values. 

6. What do we expect from you

  • First of all it's important that you read our values and that you agree on these values. 
  • We see Walden Woods as a valuable place, we want to take good care of it. We expect the same from you. 
  • We expect you to act from autonomous motivation. Follow your passion, do what you like to do or what you think is important to do. And let others do the same. That's when the magic happens :)

7. How can you apply for plot reservation

Please fill in the form below, or send an email to

When we receive your message:

  1. We will contact you within a week and plan a video call with you. 
  2. If you're still enthusiastic, we will send you a form that you have to sign and send back.
  3. In the video call we discussed how you can pay with euro, NOK or bitcoin. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a confirmation. Your reservation is done!

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