Recreational member

Become a recreational member by reserving a plot. You will have access to our facilities and you are welcome to stay at our village. 

By reserving a plot you will become the owner of a piece of land in our Norwegian village. You can use the plot as a long or short term investment, or for recreational use. 

We have only a limited number of plots available this year!

What do you pay:   € 9250 (you can also pay in NOK or Bitcoin)*

What do you get:     reservation of 1000 sqm of land for recreational use

*The price of the reservation of a plot of 1000 sqm is € 9250. This is half of the total price. Within approximately 2 years, when the plot will be assigned to you, you pay the other half of the price. As a recreational member you have the option to pay the complete amount at once and get a discount of € 1500: you will pay only € 17000.

Besides the costs for the plot there is an annual membership fee. Please contact us for more information.

Membership Program

We are working on our membership program. There will be 4 types of members:

  • Founding member (The temporary Founding Membership offer has ended 29.08.21)
  • Resident member
  • Company member
  • Recreational member

At this moment you can only become a recreational member.