About us

Who are we?

We are a group of approximately 40 adults and 20 children (singles, couples, families with children). Our group is still growing. 

We have a dream: creating a village where people can go on holiday, live and work in nature. Where there is a sense of community, but above all: where people can live and choose from autonomous motivation. A village that will become self sufficient. A village that supports a healthy lifestyle and a healthy and resilient environment. 

Some of us live semi-permanently in Walden Woods, others come for a couple of weeks or months a year. 


Quotes from group members

Note: some quotes are in Dutch.

Daan: "I love nature! It's a dream to make a cabin in the woods! And a challenge to make something beautiful together with the members of walden woods."

Martin: "I like to create a food forest and vegetable garden for the Walden Woods people. I also want to build a small house and use the plot for recreation."

Ivenes: "Looking for a plot of land in a warm climate for years now. Never found one. This time the values of walden woods clicked. We love the combination of freedom and responsibility. And above all nature and a nice community around us."

Maurice: "Build a house that is selfsustainable, combining modern architecture with the old local style of building. So we can live a great part of the year on our plot of land. Have a small garden and plant a part with fruit forest."

Elisabeth: "De natuur, het samen en het back to basic trekt me heel erg aan."

Rob: "Om in de toekomst misschien de mogelijkheid te hebben om een houten hut te kunnen bouwen. Waarbij je dan niet 'tussen' vreemden zit maar mensen die je beter kunt leren kennen en waar je mogelijk mee kunt samenwerken."

Mia: "De eerste jaren zullen we met onze caravan daar vakantie willen houden. En later een houten huisje bouwen. Voor lange vakanties. Wandelroutes en fiets routes uitzetten."

Kim: "I believe in nature's beauty."

Ruud: "We'd like a small, cosy house from sustainable materials and self sustaining."

Richard: "We want to live in a community where you can help if you want to and where you can share what you want to. A community which regulates itself without having rules. Where mutual respect for each others way of live is the norm. Where you can be inspired and learn."

Noëlle: "This is an investment for our 2 children in the future."

Natasja: "We want to participate in living/working/building/farming together. Want to live in nature and off grid."

Ramon: "The values ​​of Walden Woods really appeal to me. My wife and I have been looking for some time for a place far away from the ratcace we live in as a society right now. Back to nature and back to life in a community where we can really be ourselves again, where we respect each other, help each other and most of all enjoy."

Xander: "The principles of Walden Woods resonate. The avoidance of hardship and the pursuit of comfort is not the path to happiness and a full, rich live. Responsibility, ownership and self reliance are on a (hopefully temporarily) decline in our (generalized) civilization.
In order for a society to thrive people should be encouraged to develop their full potential. A happy meaningful life is all about balance. The avoidance of discomfort or pain leads to suffering and eventually decline. As is true with the absence of comfort and (limited) social activities.

Firstly we will probably use the plot as a camping site, a getaway place to enjoy holidays in nature with limited comforts. While we complete our current project: a house made mostly out of bio-based materials and our garden based on permaculture principles.
Secondly we probably will start building a log cabin preferably built with local sourced wood (from our plot or in the vicinity of it) and other local sourced materials like cob, with basic tools. Implementing the lessons learned from our current process.
Thirdly the log cabin will likely be used as a getaway house for friends (of Walden Woods) and family to enjoy. A base from where nature can be enjoyed and explored on trips which may last for a few days in summer and winter, on foot or by tour-ski’s.
Finally it might even become our permanent home and a base from where our children may one day build their own house and start a family of their own, taking Walden Woods in to the future."

Paul: "I grew up in an busy environment and I have always felt the need to go out in nature to get relaxed. So since I was a kid I dreamed about a cabin in nature. Now with Walden Woods I get the opportunity to do this. I bought the plot together with my best friend since childhood with whom I shared this dream. For me it is extra fun to be able to share not only the dream but also the reality!

Building a cabin as a second home. The goal is to make the cabin 100% ECO friendly and both design and build it ourselves."

Jordi: "Love nature and adventure. Let's go for an unforgettable experience together!"

Devon: "I want to start living my own life instead of living the day to day life of society, working a 08:00 - 17:00 job where I am not really using my capabilities and just going trough the day like a programmed person. I wish to have my own place where I can do what I like to do and truly enjoy my life and the life around me. I hope at Walden Woods I can escape the stressfull life of western society and focus on the important things.

My first idea is to build like a small farm. Having some chickens and goats. Planting a couple of fruit trees, berry bushes and some veggies. Maybe have a workplace for some woodworking and metalworking."

Peter: "In time I would like to build a cabin, but that would have to be a few years from now."

Nadine: "Ik zou graag mijn droom van een kleine B&B en retraite oord in yurt's voor kleine groepen waar willen maken. Verder zou ik het leuk vinden mijn eigen therapeutisch werk een plek te kunnen geven. Zodoende kan ik behulpzaam zijn voor onze eigen mensen en omwonende bij het behouden van hun gezondheid."

Dorien: "I love city life, but I also often long to live closer to nature and to create my own nest in a beautiful environment to find more 'zen' and space. So I see this adventure as a beautiful opportunity to balance both sides in myself. It would be so nice if I could live and work a few months a year in Norway."

Lisette - Initiator

Welcome to our website. I am Lisette and I am a software developer. Since 2010 I have always worked in Agile projects. The Agile way of working inspired me to set up Walden Woods. I'll explain shortly what Agile working is about.

The three pillars of Agile working are: 

  1. Transparency - everyone in the team knows what is going on, presenting the facts as is
  2. Inspection - everyone in the team checks if the process, the team and the result work beneficial
  3. Adaptation - everyone in the team makes continuous improvements on the process, the team and the result

Working in an Agile way means working in a small self-organizing team of people that are autonomously motivated. The team can decide on how to work and what tools to use. The team makes decisions and takes responsibilities on everything that has impact on their process, the team members and the result. This can not be done by someone outside the team, as this person will lack the knowledge, skills and/or experience. To make the right decisions you need information, therefore transparency is important. The team works in cycles. Every cycle they choose, act and reflect and they deliver improvements. They inspect and adapt

My experience is that - given the right conditions - teams and their members can flourish with the Agile way of working. This has inspired me to build a village based on the same principles. I believe these principles can be applied on both the individual and on a group of people. And everyone will benefit.

I love yoga, healthy food and bitcoin. I have a passion for learning languages and playing the piano. And I love to spend time with our children and discover the world with them. 

Hope to see you at Walden Woods,


Karl - Initiator

To have a life, means to live. Therefore to grow. From an early age I could not understand, for the majority of the time, the motivations of adults and their actions. For me it looked like they were collectively traumatised. Struggling to fit in the herd, denying themselves opportunities to strive for inner happiness.

Having been caught in that trap myself by forces of assimilation and then to feel a loosened grip seeing a chance to escape and taking it. Simultaneously feeling the fear of responsibility of freedom, and still take the path of uncertainty is to me the growth I wish for myself and my fellow men.

With Walden Woods I like to create a place where fearless learning, joyful playing and connectedness are central.

If you are looking for a place to be, then I hope you can find it at Walden Woods. There we can sit at a nice campfire and have a chat about your favoriet topic.

I am a photographer with a broad field of interests, among which history and economics. I have experience in constructing, building and renovating houses. In my free time I like to work with wood and to make a campfire.